Deville, Charissa Deville.
One of the best times in the 20 years of my life. #brightnewyears 😌👌👭👫👬❤
Everyday after work I get to enjoy the sunset and see the start of glistening lights in the distance. My little secret place of contentment, reflection and release of all bad energy. 🌘✨ #blessed
Myself and @nobodylikesmilhouse  screaming our hearts out to @fortodayband ! Must say, works a struggle with these neck pains 💢 worth it.
Gig lyf today. @lovealoneband at Fawkner, then For Today for @voidofvisionband . Support deez bros, yo! 🙌🎤
Good morning gorgeous. 🌿☁ #nofilter



nudes in her nudes tab…wtf



20. I’m so tacky, but I love it. 

I tried to do this once but it didn’t look anywhere as cute as this, haha. I LOVE HEART SHAPED EVERYTHING. You know what else I love? Tattooed heart shaped nipples. Hearts painted on the tips of claws. Heart shaped faces. Fuck, just give me all the hearts

let’s take a moment to appreciate my boyfriends house and this magical room I can’t even

fuck <3
definitely a crystal castles kind of night

Grey just like the city skies, grey just like our minds. ☁

Would make a great summer home.