Deville, Charissa Deville.
When I get bored in the mornings I make mirrored photos since I don’t have a mirror app. #storyofteday 😶 And liking the colour of my hair can’t wait til it’s grown out more for summer! 🙌
I made a stupid picture for my stupid writing. not my photo :<

My pale bare feet in-bedded in the earths soft dirt. Cold, yet such a satisfying feeling. Each step I take tells a story to the core of where once a creature walked, now bearing only It’s soul in the mist of the thin air. River calling out to me. I’m deep within you. Cleanse me, show me. Take me on the current to where I need to be. I’ve taken it off now, no longer carrying the baggage of my own regrets and caused pain. Floating ever lightly. My scars are turning a translucent blue, my fingertips wrinkled and white. My hair making patterns on my dampened collarbones and chest. The wind is warm, yet the earth is weeping. The droplets hit my face. A subtle smile. I am content, I am free. 

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